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Malaga Expat Consulting provides help and relocation support to all expats and foreign residents in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

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Whether you are already a lucky long-term resident of Spain in the Costa del Sol or just planning your move to the beautiful province of Malaga, you may require help and assistance with Spanish bureaucracy or paperwork, dealing with authorities, applying for NIE or Residency, opening a bank account, changing your driving license, negotiating with your landlord or simply visiting a Spanish doctor…

We at Malaga Expat Consulting are happy to assist in a friendly and professional manner with all the above and much more. Our services cover a full range from expat assistance to relocation consultancy and are directed to all expats residing or planning to move to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Irina Saltmarsh

Spain and especially its southern area has always been a very popular destination for visitors from all over the world and unsurprisingly many of us have decided to make it our new home, charmed by this country's wonderful climate, natural beauty and in many ways a much more relaxed way of life. But without knowing the local language, customs, procedures and regulations the word "relaxed" is being quickly replaced with the word "stressed".

Irina Saltmarsh, the founder and owner of Malaga Expat Consulting, knows it all too well, having herself relocated at least five times and lived in many different countries including Russia, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, making the latter her permanent home since 2009. Armed by own relocation experience and understanding of expat's life in a foreign country combined with acquired knowledge of Spanish bureaucratic procedures, and being fluent in English, Russian, German and Spanish, Irina has founded Malaga Expat Consulting addressing the needs of expats in Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Whether you are already residing in the province of Malaga or just considering your move to the sunny Costa del Sol, Malaga Expat Consulting can be your invaluable partner at any stage of the process. We can help you with advice about the right area to live, assist with finding the right property for you and your family to buy or to rent, locate the schools and nurseries for your children and help with enrolling process, register you and your family with local doctors.

Let us assist you with paperwork applying for NIE, Residency permit, Town Hall registrations and driving license, opening a bank account and just accompany you to any authority where they would normally only speak Spanish. We can make the settling down process for you and your family easier and stress-free by introducing you to the local professionals and competent organizations and help with any advice and recommendation to make your new life in Malaga happy and relaxed from day one - isn't it why moved here in the first place?

So get in touch and let us help you!

Our aim is to provide to all expats living in or relocating to the area of Malaga and the Costa del Sol competent help and assistance with all affairs, no matter how big or small, in a friendly and professional manner at a competitive price.


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We are very happy clients!

We would like to thank Irena Saltmarsh for all her help with getting my husbands TIE and my Spanish residency. Irena speaks perfect English and Spanish which made life soo much easier. Irena provided us with all the information we needed, and all we really needed to do was to turn up on the assigned day with the correct paperwork. We highly reccomend and cannot thank you enough for making the whole process of moving to Spain soo much simpler. We are very happy clients 😀 😊 😄 Julie and Mark, May 2022

Absolutely a 5-star service

We came across Irina 3 years ago while I was planning to move to Málaga, Spain. She has been an amazing support since and I cannot imagine what we would have done without her. Irina knows the bureaucratic procedures of Spain very well and is always prepared for any obstacles that might come along the way. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to move to Málaga and deal with complicated procedures such as padron, residencia, pareja de hecho and marriage. Absolutely a 5-star service offered by a friendly professional! Ogan, June 2022

Quick, easy and affordable

Highly recommend Malaga Expat! As Americans (non Spanish speakers) purchasing property for the first time in Spain we found Malaga Expat's services easy to use, very detailed instructions, and highly necessary. We definately could not have gotten our tourist license with their help! They made it quick, easy, and affordable. Janice, June 2022
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