Relocation Stories

Here we would like to share with you real stories of real people (individuals, couples and families) who have taken the leap and relocated to Spain, to the beautiful area of Malaga and Costa del Sol. Real people like you, of different backgrounds, who are willing to share their real experiences of relocating and building their new life in Spain. We have created a list of questions and asked them to answer those as sincerely as possible. We here publish their answers without any edits or changes. We hope you will find it useful, and who knows - maybe one day your own story will be published here?!

Published on 25 Sep 2023

Alicia's Brave Relocation to Malaga Story

Alicia is an amazingly brave young lady from Belgium in her very early twenties, who learned about Malaga in a YouTube travelling video. The connection was instant, next she was talking to a Relocation agent and the rest is history…would you like to hear her incredible story?

Published on 12 Sep 2023

Malaga Relocation Story of a Young Family

Alexandra & Paul are a young European family who always imagined retiring in Spain, until they got a job opportunity in their favourite Malaga and decided to jump on it along with their 3-year-old daughter. It is exactly a year since they moved, and never looked back…are you excited to hear their story which they so kindly agreed to share with us?

Last updated on 1 Sep 2023

Claire’s move to Malaga during the Pandemic

Claire and Sean are a lovely international couple, each with their own expat experiences. They decided to move together to Malaga just before the end of 2020, right in the midst of the Pandemic. Read their story based on Claire answering our questions and sharing her insights on the relocation experience.

Published on 25 Aug 2023

Real Relocation to Spain Story of Patti

Patricia (Patti) Addington moved to Spain from USA in November 2021. She kindly agreed to share with us her experience by answering our questions.

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