Bespoke Property Finder Service in Malaga

Last updated on 29 May 2021

When relocating to Malaga, Spain, one of the first matters on your to-do-list will be finding a new home for you and your family. Looking for property, whether to rent or to buy, is never easy, usually with lots of compromises to be made, and doing it in a new country and in an area which you know little about, just adds to the overall anxiety. 

How can I be sure that it is a good area, that it is conveniently located for the needs of my family, that it is well connected, that me and my family will be happy living here? Well, you can surely never answer all those questions from start and will need time to find your “ideal” place in the province of Malaga - that is why renting before buying is always advisable. And you can use help and advice of local professionals like ourselves, who can address your doubts based on acquired experience and knowledge and guide you through the process helping you to locate a property most suitable for your initial needs.

Malaga Expat Consulting offers a property finder service which can be customised to your personal needs. Our service includes a wide range of assignments, to name a few: market research, identifying potential properties and preparing short-lists for your review, contacting the agents and/or property owners, arranging viewings, accompanying for viewings, making viewings on your behalf through video calls and with video reports, negotiating conditions, reviewing contracts, introducing to legal teams for property conveyance if required, advising on local practices and customs, liaising between all involved parties and coordinating the process.  

It is however completely up to you, our client, to decide how much of the above you wish to benefit from, what level of assistance do you require and how much do you want us to be involved in your Malaga property search

For example, you can decide to do the online research yourself and just send us the properties of your choice for further verification; you can decide to attend property viewings on your own or you can decide to get us involved and do the viewings through video calls even before your arrival to Costa del Sol. You can do all the Spanish property hunting yourself and just get us involved for the negotiation and contract review, or you can involve us from start and let us represent you at each step of the process. We are here to consult and assist, as little or as much as you require with the only target to make your Spanish property search and relocation to Malaga as smooth and efficient as possible.

But what is my benefit, you would ask, as I can do all the above myself or through a property agent? Indeed, if you master Spanish to a reasonable level, you will have no problems with communication (if not however, you might find it difficult as Spanish language still prevails even among the property agents). But even speaking fluently Spanish, you may have no or little knowledge of the local customs, traditions, potential pitfalls, and things to watch out in the local property market. This is when an advice of a local professional like Malaga Expat Consulting can become invaluable - whether it is a review of a local area or explanation of a legal term, verification of the rental contract conditions or a referral to a third-party professional. 

But most importantly – we at Malaga Expat Consulting will always represent only one party – YOU! Not the agent, not the property owner or seller, but exclusively YOU, our client! Your interest will be the only interest at heart and the only one to consider. Not being linked to any property agents (by forms of collaboration agreements and commissions schemes) we will always view a property from “your” perspective but with the knowledge of local laws and customs, trying to protect you from possible pitfalls. Isn’t it something you are looking for?!

If so, get in touch today to discuss your requirements for property search in Malaga and Costa del Sol. Our property finder service will save you time, help to avoid disappointments, and will protect you from potential pitfalls and mistakes!

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