Love living in Malaga - you will love it too!

Published on 26 Mar 2020

Malaga has over the last years become increasingly popular, not just as tourist destination, but as the place of main residence for many expats all over the world.  The entry point to the beautiful Andalusia and its second largest city, Malaga and its suburbs has undergone a major transformation and turned into a charmingly beautiful southern Spanish city, which miraculously captures your heart and enters your veins from day one. 

Malaga is difficult not to fall in love with…we’ve seen it happening time after time, starting with own experience back in 2016 when we first came to visit this amazing city and several months later moved here for good. And then seeing the magic happening time after time with many of our clients, who we had helped with their relocation to Malaga, and gladly knowing afterwards that none, absolutely none of them ever regretted this move! 

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Malaga, so for all of you who are still thinking whether it is worth moving to Malaga, we’ve tried to summarise below what we think will finally persuade you. It all boils down to three Ls:

Love at first sight! You know this feeling when you come somewhere, and you feel you have arrived home?! This is the feeling which Malaga gives to many. Having arrived once, you just don’t want to leave this vibrant, stylish, diverse and very friendly Spanish city. 

Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, it is rich with history and culture, offering a multitude of museums and beautiful architecture. Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, The Automobile and Fashion Museum, the beautiful Cathedral, the Alcazaba are just a few to name. You can lose yourself in the historic centre with its pedestrian streets, a multitude of shops and tapas bars and happy crowds of people, or have a walk along the Malagueta beach and the beautiful Puerto, enjoying amazing Mediterranean views or observing the giant cruise ships docking here daily. 

Being the sixth largest city in Spain, Malaga with its population of 570 thousand people has its proper “big city feel” which some of us need, but at the same time is very cosy and accommodating, what many big cities lack. It is also a capital of the beautiful Malaga province with many more spectacular places to visit and explore.

Lifestyle! This notorious Spanish lifestyle – yes, it is lived in its full here, in Malaga! It is all about enjoying life and living it passionately! For food lovers Malaga offers a multitude of gastronomy options, from simple eateries and tapas bars to renowned Michelin star restaurants. Party lovers will lose count of numerous Spanish fiestas and Malaga Feria is one of the most celebrated in Spain. Retirees will enjoy Malaga’s tranquillity and easy socialising. 

Malaga lifestyle is all about life outside, long summer nights, lovely long walks, doing sports, sunbathing on the beach or hiking through the beautiful landscapes. It is about making new friends, great family values and work-life balance! 

No matter whether you come here to retire, to work or to start from scratch – Malaga has something for everyone! 

Location! With its privileged coastal location in the south of Spain, Malaga is truly blessed with one of the best climates in Europe. Mild winters, hot summers and more than 320 days sunshine a year – there is not much to complain about, isn’t it?! The beach season often starts around Easter and lasts till around mid-end of October. But it is not just the beaches, the Malaga province is famous for, it dazzles with its beautiful diverse landscapes, forests and mountains, large green valleys and inland lakes. 

When it comes to access and connectivity, Malaga offers fantastic transport links not only within Spain itself but also worldwide. From Malaga airport, the fourth busiest in Spain, you can reach almost all European capitals within 2-4 hours flight time. 

There will be surely other reasons why you personally will love living in this amazing city, so hurry up, pack your things and move to Malaga to start living and enjoying life! And if our ways cross one day, we’d love to hear why you personally love living in Malaga! Good luck!

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